Next meeting : 15 June 2019
Coll Community Council
Next meeting : 15 June 2019, 19:30hrs


  • Convenor : John Fraser, 01879 230346, Bousd, Isle of Coll
  • Vice Convenor : Vacant
  • Secterary : Vacant
  • Treasurer : Julian Senior, 01879 230488, First Port of Coll, Isle of Coll
  • Member : Moira MacIntyre, 01879 230412, Airiloed, Isle of Coll
  • Member : Angus-John Smalley, 01879 230416, Gordon Lea
  • Member : John Wheeler-James, 01879 230466, 2 Carnan Road
  • Member : Niall Edwards, Free Church Manse, Isle of Coll

Dear All,

Last week the Scottish Government introduced a system whereby allocated staff in the Government Islands team are responsible for liaising with Community Councils and feeding back to the relevant Ministers, Govt Departments etc. on issues which pertain to remote communities. To this end a feedback form has been drawn up which enables a daily response in the form of key bullet points(s).

The protocols for these communications are that any feedback must be signed off by two members of the Community Council and so provide a conduit which is as far as possible representative of the needs of the community. It has been agreed between the Coll Community Councilors that the best discussion forum is through the Coll Grapevine. We will also be posting on the Community Council website.

To date there have been discussions on fuel provision on the Island and most pertinent, the resilience of our NHS provision. It goes without saying that the provision of health care on the island is being stretched to its limit and it is incumbent on all of us to avoid unnecessary demands on this. This is a completely new situation for all of us and decisions are having to be made on a daily basis as to whether rules can be relaxed, additional support put in place, whatever indeed might be required. In this context Cal Mac should be complimented on their efforts to adjust their protocols to suit this need.

This brings us to the Health Service. Challenges are the potential workload a Covid-1 outbreak on the Island might pose. Over and above the direct medical care, there are issues pertaining to moving patients off island, availability of medical supplies and the need to keep a strict limit to anyone travelling to Coll. Islanders and essential service personnel only.

Air Services have already been suspended and CalMac will be introducing a ‘lifeline’ service of likely 3 sailings per week. This will prioritise essential cargo, food for the shop and animal feed for example. This raises issues of resilience particularly in respect of patient transfer and key emergency personnel. This is currently being discussed and outcomes will be passed on in due course.

CCC will be issuing regular posts on the current situation and potential developments. As above they will be circulated on the CCC website and Coll Grapevine. Any member of the Community who has a particular concern can contact either John Fraser or Julian Senior. Whether or when this is raised with the Government Island team is a decision for the Community Councilors.

John Fraser,
Acting Chair,
[email protected] 
07867 804 573

Julian Senior,
CCC Treasurer, CCC
[email protected]
01879 230 597


Coll Community Council has a statutory duty to be part of Planning and Licensing. Futher information can be found on the Argyll and Bute web site. Individuals may either go through the system for themselves, or they can bring any concerns to the Community Council.


  • Mary Jean Devon 
  • Roddy McCuish
  • Neil MacIntyre
  • Alistair MacDougall