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CCC 30.11.2020 : Nurse on Coll
A meeting between Celine, myself and Hilary Brown, Associated Lead Nurse, was held in the Surgery at Arinagour on Wednesday 24th Nov, where the island's dissatisfaction at the nursing support that the island has received over the last many years was raised.
In particular the complete lack of any social care assistance for the last 11 months, the lack of any community nurse cover since Suzanne had to stop her 2 days a week in October and the ongoing negligence of Coll's nursing needs.
The following commitments were agreed:

  1. A temporary 6 month contract for 15hrs of a band 7 nurse, which Suzanne should be able to fill from January. Indeed the assumption is that Suzanne will resume her role as soon as available again. However, she is retired and not looking to be the long term solution to nursing provision here on Coll.
  2. This 6 month window will allow recruitment of a permanent 25hr Community Nurse for the island, beyond mid 2021. 
  3. The condition of the nurses house will be addressed. The property is presently in a very unattractive state, as it has been since Gillian left it over 3 years ago. Impossible to recruit a nurse if nowhere for her to stay.
  4. A correction of the lack of the 15hrs weekly of social care assistance due to Coll.
  5. A change in mindset by NHS Highland in providing nursing and social care support to the island of Coll, which it was agreed had been grossly suboptimal for many years.

Rob Wainwright

Scottish Gov: Short-term lets - licensing scheme and planning control areas: consultation Oct 2020

Scottish Gov: COVID-19 route map. Phase 2 and early Phase 3

Cliad Bridge Closure - from 17 August 2020s


Dear Visitors to Coll,

As, Nationally, various reopening dates arrive, Coll finds itself a microcosm of the National state, in a confined area.

On the one hand we have a part elderly population, some Shielded residents and others who suffer from conditions that make them vulnerable to the virus. On the other hand, we have a buoyant fun loving population who, as you may well know, welcome visitors warmly.

Many of us are all of these combined.

So, on your visit to Coll please bear in mind to behave as advised by the Medics and the Scottish Government.

Washing hands or sanitising very often, maintaining social distancing and wearing masks in public places and shops.

Calmac have advised that it is mandatory to wear masks anywhere inside on their vessels and social distancing on the ferries means comparatively few can travel. Please refer to Calmac information on links above.
Whilst travelling on the Scottish mainland all the above precautions are advised, with masks becoming mandatory on public transport and in shops/enclosed spaces.

Each business on Coll has had to satisfy the powers that be that it is prepared and ready to greet customers following the guidelines of social distancing. It would be appreciated if all visitors brought their own masks with them and adhere to the new rules with equanimity.

Please be aware that in order to be part of the Test and Protect scheme being run by the Government, and you are staying on Coll, your contact details will be requested from some businesses and will be safely passed on to the authorities by your host on Coll in the event of a case of COVID-19 occurring after your visit and you are named as a contact of the victim.

There are toilets at The Middle Pier, and these will be cleaned twice daily. There is also a public water tap. Though there is hand sanitiser beside the tap we strongly advise you come to Coll prepared, with your own hand sanitiser, in order to ensure you can comprehensively protect yourself after a visit to these and all other such facilities found elsewhere. Hand sanitiser to use on entry will be found in some businesses in the village.

We ask you to respect the Scottish Government’s 2 metre Social Distancing rules and not approach others closely. Unfortunately, the ‘hugging’ greeting of yesteryear is now entirely inappropriate. The Hotel, the Community Centre, Tigh na Mara and the shops already have distancing measures in place for you and you will greet old and new friends from opposite sides of the street. Which is the way we have been living here these last months.

Make sure that wherever you go on Coll you leave none of your possessions, including rubbish, behind you. There will be a reluctance on the part of staff and islanders to retrieve lost or discarded objects with the chance of putting their own health at risk.

There are a few places on Coll where you will have to open a metal gate for access. Importantly, please use your sanitiser to clean where you will touch before opening and then again once you have passed through the gate, and repeat on return.

Finally, before travelling to Coll ensure you have all necessary elements in place. Your travel, your accommodation and any special food/medical needs. None of this will be the same as before the pandemic.

All the joys of Coll are as available to you as ever, but extra thought is constantly needed during your time here at present. To protect us and to protect yourselves. CCC - 5th July 2020