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7th Septembert 2021:
Calmac, ferry redeployment

Good Morning,
I am pleased to advise that the Clansman will return to Argyll waters this week, and will resume full timetabled activities once more from Thursday AM. This follows the successful completion of the unscheduled dry dock visit of the MV Hebrides, which was accomplished a little earlier than anticipated.
Until tomorrow evening, we will continue with the adjusted network plans which have been previously published.
The temporary absence of the Clansman, even with the LOTI being redeployed to us, has caused impact to a number of communities and customers, and I would like to extend my apologies for this, together with my thanks for your support. Your understanding of the situation, and indeed to that of our ports teams who have worked continually to minimise these impacts, is particularly appreciated.
I will keep you posted on any key developments, including when we can firmly anticipate the return of the 'Clansman to the Argyll area.
With kind regards,
Area Operations Manager - Argyll & Lochaber
CalMac Ferries Ltd

20th August 2021:
NHS Highland issue a notice urging caution as Covid levels rise in Argyll & Bute - Full details here 

Coll is presently in Covid Level Zero. Click link to learn more...