Date of next meeting: (AGM)
28 December 2021, 19:00hrs
Register to attend online


To be held on TUESDAY 28TH DECEMBER 2021 - 19:00 hrs
In the Main Hall at AN CRIDHE and ON-LINE (Register for on-line here)


  1. Chairperson’s welcome;
  2. Chairperson to welcome the new members elected at the by-election on 16th December 2021;
  3. Members present;
  4. Declarations of interest;
  5. Submission of the Minutes of the Annual General Meeting held on Monday 24th June 2019, for adoption;
  6. Convenor’s Annual Report followed by questions;
  7. Secretary’s Annual Report followed by questions;
  8. Treasurer’s submission of annual accounts for two years, followed by questions;
  9. Election of office bearers, each by a show of Community Council members’ hands;
    a] Convenor
    b] Vice-Convenor
    c] Secretary
    d] Treasurer
  10. Co-option;
  11. To agree a programme of Ordinary Meetings from now until 19th October 2022;
  12. Chairperson to declare the date in June 2022 for the next Annual General Meeting;
  13. Close Meeting.

Notice of Uncontested Election 

please click here to see official A&BC notice of new CCC council members.

Dear Julian,

I refer to previous correspondence regarding the above.

You will be aware that the deadline for submission of nomination papers has now expired and I now enclose a Notice of Uncontested Election in respect of your Community Council. This Notice reflects the position that fewer than the required number of candidates remained validly nominated and that therefore there will be no contest, all the persons named being automatically elected with effect from 16 December 2021.

I have highlighted to candidates that there may be some disruption to meetings and that you no doubt be in touch with them to advise of your own local arrangements.

I should be grateful if you would be good enough to arrange for this to be displayed appropriately. I will also arrange for the Notice of
Uncontested Election to appear on the Council website.

I would once again take the opportunity to thank you for your assistance with this election process.

Kind regards
Pippa Milne
Chief Executive
Tel. 01546 604263

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