Date of next meeting:
19 May 2022, 19:00hrs
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CCC Transport Sub Committee

The Transport Subcommittee is wholly accountable to Coll Community Council. Its meetings are held in public and its Minutes posted on the CCC website.
Its membership is drawn from Coll Community Council and members of the public.

Officers of Transport Sub Committee:

  • Chair: Kirsty MacFarlane
  • Vice Chair: John-Angus Morrison
  • Secretary: Ian Rae
  • Member: John Wheeler-James
  • Member: Tony Oliver 

The role of Treasurer is undertaken by CCC’s current Treasurer, Alison Fraser.


  • to feed information and views back to CCC on transport issues
  • to have regard for wider issues that could affect Coll
  • to consider in detail ferry and air transport services

Meetings will be advertised via CCC’s website and public notices. All welcome!

Date of next meeting:
13 May 2022, 19:00hrs

Agenda for meeting 13th May

Minutes of Transport subcommittee meeting 15.4.2022 : View pdf

Agenda for meeting 15th April