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10/05/2022 CCC: Agenda for next Ordinary Meeting, 19nd May - Link here

06/05/2022 CCC: Notice of Transport sub-committee meeting 13.5.2022 - Link here

28/04/2022 Tiree CC: ARGYLL & BUTE COUNCIL ELECTION 2022 - Zoom link for Tiree Hustings -


Tiree Community Council have kindly sent CCC an invitation for anyone on Coll to join their election hustings :

** Zoom link for Tiree Hustings ***

Please follow the link below to join in with Tiree's hustings. 

We will be starting at 7pm on Friday the 29th of April.  

As usual, please remain muted until you wish to speak, and always through the chair, as this helps the call run smoothly. 


Good morning Kirsty,

Thank you for your email.

With reference to your request for the questions in a document format, please find attached the community organisation questions for the PSO Consultation.  Please accept my apologies that this is not available in an editable format, a PDF is the only option to export the questions from the online SurveyMonkey survey portal.  For your information, I have also attached a copy of the individual and business questions.

In relation to the timescale, experience of other community surveys has shown that 3 weeks is considered sufficient to enable the vast majority of residents and organisations to respond and that very few responses are received after 3 weeks when surveys are open for longer. However, if Coll Community Council require additional time to submit a response to the consultation I would be pleased to update the survey results to include Coll Community Council’s response once received.  For avoidance of doubt, we will provide an initial set of results from the consultation to potential tenderers for the air service following the consultation deadline but, as you’ve highlighted that the response timescale is likely to be a problem for Coll Community Council, I will update the results following receipt of Coll Community Council’s response to provide a v2 of the results.

As you will see from the questionnaire, the survey focusses on use of the PSO Air Service and its importance to the community.  The purpose of the survey is to enable potential tenderers for the future PSO Air Service to understand the importance of the PSO Air Service, how it is used and aspirations for future use.  This will assist potential tenderers to identify how bests to serve residents, community and business needs and aspirations when designing their service offer as part of their tender submission.

I trust the above clarifies the purpose of the consultation and will assist Coll Community Council to provide a response.


Colin Young
Strategic Transportation Delivery Officer
Argyll and Bute Council
The Helensburgh and Lomond Civic Centre
38 East Clyde Street
G84 7PG

Whitegates Road
PA31 8SY

Tel: 01546 604275

13/04/2022 A&BC: Help shape the future of Argyll and Bute air services - Link here

09/04/2022 CCC: Agenda for Ordinary Meeting 19 April 2022 - Link here

28/03/2022 CCC: Transport sub committee agenda 15th April 2022 - Link to Agenda

18/03/2022 Health and Social Care Partnership: Home Carer: vacancy on Coll - Full details here

04/03/2022 CCC: Transport sub committee - Agenda for public meeting Sat 12th March 2022; 4pm - Link here

23/02/2022 CCC: Meeting, SSEN with CCC, Sub-sea link to Mull - Link here

08/02/2022 NHS Highland: COVID update for key stakholders - Link here

08/02/2022 CCC: Census 2022 Information -

Census 2022 Information

The next census in Scotland will take place on Sunday 20 March 2022. So, what is the census and why is it so important that everyone in Scotland takes part?

For more than 200 years Scotland has relied on the information the census provides. By asking people who live in Scotland to provide
information about themselves and where they live, the Scottish Government and other public bodies can make decisions about how public money is spent on essential services like schools, roads and healthcare in our local communities. These help to improve the lives of those living and working in Scotland. The benefits of the census to you and your community can last a long time.

This will be a digital first census, where we hope online completion will be the preferred option for the majority, although paper
questionnaires will be available to those who request them. There will be help available to everyone who needs it when completing the census questionnaire, from a free helpline to online support.

The census also becomes part of our history. In the future our descendants will be able to find out about us and how we lived. The
census is a vital exercise for the people of Scotland to participate in and we all need to play our part in recording an accurate picture of the make-up and needs of our country.

For more information on Scotland’s Census 2022, please visit -

The Community Development Team are hoping to set up an information session to allow staff from the Census Scotland team to inform groups about how they can best support their members and communities to take part.  Information on this session will be provided in due course.

Good evening,

My name is David Black and I am the Regional Manager in the Highlands and Islands for Scotland's Census 2022.

The census is the official count of every person and household in Scotland, that usually happens every 10 years. It helps build a picture
of the population, which government and other service providers rely on to make important decisions in your local area. This is people in your communities chance to get involved in Scotland's Census 2022 as we need their help and enthusiasm to encourage people across Scotland to participate.

Our recruitment partners Pertemps are currently recruiting for Enumerators to help collate the Census across the Highlands and Islands.
 I am wondering if it would be at all possible for your community council to share the following Facebook advert if you have a community council Facebook page please?  Facebook

If not, feel free to share the following link with your community which is an advert to the Enumerator position Pertemps are currently
recruiting for.  Scotland Census Enumerator Job In Scotland, (

Should you have any questions, please let me know.
Many thanks,
David Black | Regional Manager - Highlands and Islands
Field Force, Data Collection
Scotland's Census 2022
National Records of Scotland
Mobile:  07452 944728

07/02/2022 CCC: Agenda for Ordinary Meeting 16 Feb 2022 - Link here

26/01/2022 NHS Highland: COVID update for key stakholders - Link here

26/01/2022 A&BC: Police Scotland warning re scams & fire/smoke alarms requirements -

To:  Community Council Secretaries and/or Conveners

Dear Colleagues,

Please see information below received from Police Scotland regarding scams linked to the requirement for all homes to have interlinked fire and smoke alarms by next month.

I'd be grateful if you could please arrange to circulate wider within your communities to raise awareness.

Kind Regards

Melissa Stewart
Governance Officer
Argyll and Bute Council
PA31 8RT
Direct Dial: 01546 604331
Mobile No: 07785 456127

02/01/2022 CCC: Notice & Agenda of Ordinary Meeting 12th Jan - Link here to view notice

30/12/2021 Transport Scotland: Public consultation to inform the development of an Aviation Strategy - Link here to view notice

Dear Sir/Madam

Scottish Government have published an on line consultation, to help inform the development of a new Aviation Strategy for Scotland. The following is a link to the document: Discussion document to inform the development of an Aviation Strategy (

The discussion document will be used as the basis for consultation with the aviation sector, business, tourism and local communities. These discussions, alongside the responses to the online public consultation, will inform the future development of Scottish Government's Aviation Strategy.

Argyll and Bute Council currently subsidises air services to Coll, Colonsay and Tiree at a cost of £2.05M over a contract period of 4 years. A commercial air service is also operated to Islay on the back of the Public Service Obligation contract. Argyll and Bute Council also own and operate three airports Oban, Coll and Tiree at an annual cost of £700k. Council Officers are at present drafting a response to the consultation around the following key points:-

  • Aviation forms a crucial, often lifeline, element of the transport network in many parts of the Argyll and Bute area. From the transfer of school pupils in Colonsay and Coll to the transfer of patients and medical staff from all the islands and the most remote parts of the mainland to and from the acute hospitals within the central belt.
  • Ensuring that aviation policy prioritises support for those islands and regions where surface (sea or land) transport does not offer a competitive alternative to air links.
  • Ensuring that the Scottish Government uses this welcome review of the governance and support of air services to consider alternative structures and funding mechanisms that can best deliver improved affordable connectivity. As the consultation highlights, we have a national operation model where 4 different bodies - Argyll and Bute Council, Orkney Council, Sheltand Council and HIAL/Transport Scotland - support airports and Public Service Obligation air services, whereas a more coordinated and cohesive approach may realise reduced running costs (procurement, advertising, training, bundling of routes etc).

The consultation document sets out a number of questions, (extracted and enclosed with this email as a word document for ease), and the deadline for responses is the 21 January 2022. We have not been contacted directly regarding the consultation and it has been unfortunately poorly advertised. The following was posted on Transport Scotland Facebook 19th October:-

"Following the launch of the Scottish Government Aviation Strategy consultation, Transport Scotland will be visiting a number of airports to help more people have their say. Visits will take place on the following dates:
Kirkwall (Thursday 28 October)
Sumburgh (Friday 29 October)
Stornoway (Monday 1 November)
Barra (Wednesday 3 November)
Dundee (Friday 5 November)
Inverness (Tuesday 9 November)
Wick Assembly Rooms (Wednesday 10 November)
Benbecula (Friday 12 November)
Campbeltown (Monday 15 November)
Islay (Tuesday 16 November)
Tiree (Wednesday 17 November)"

We are sending a notification of this public consultation out to interested stakeholders and Community Councils, to raise awareness, and also to advise your Community Council can also send any comments or issues they would like to raise to Council officers (myself and Iain MacInnes), and we can include these within the Council's official response.

Please just me know if you have anything you would wish included within the Council response and I would be grateful if you could assist in raising awareness of this important consultation.

Best regards
Moya Ingram CEng MICE
Strategic Transportation and Infrastructure Manager
Development and Infrastructure Services
Argyll and Bute Council
Whitegates Office
PA30 8SY
Tel: 01546 604 190

22/12/2021 CCC: Update on Oban and the Isles Air Services - Link here to view notice

20/12/2021 CCC: SSEN Coll Oral History Project - Link here to view notice

Dear Julian,

Kirsty and I had a 2nd Team meeting on Friday December with SSEN and partners working on the new power cable.  This meeting was purely about the proposed oral history project but they did mention that the actual work is scheduled to begin with the laying of the cable in mid Feb 2022.

Please can you pass the attached information on for information and action to CCC members.  Plus, can it be posted on the CCC website as well so that it goes out into the community?

Kind regards,

16/12/2021 CCC: Nursing in the Isle of Coll - Link to notice

07/12/2021 SSEN: Power outage - Arinagour until Thrs pm -

Storm damage18:00 hrs, 7th December 2021

Due to an uprooted tree leaning on the 11kV electricity lines near Arinagour, the power to the north end of Arinagour has been switched off. Engineers will have to get to Coll before removal can be safely attempted and the power will remain off until this is done. Engineers are expected to arrive early tomorrow afternoon (8th Dec).

The affected are those north and west of the cenotaph, within Arinagour. This includes The Surgery, The Hotel, An Cridhe, Fire Station, The Water Works and Petrol Pumps.

Outside the village, beyond the Water Works and beyond The Surgery, properties remain ON, as is the main section of the village and Calmac Pier.

06/12/2021 CCC: On-line meetings - Register to join-in -

Coll Community Council will be facilitating the community to join public meetings on-line via Microsoft Teams.
This commences with the AGM on 28th December 2021.

Microsoft Teams has been chosen as it is the most confidential and secure option available to the Community Council.
To join in on-line, there is a need for you to register your interest. Once you have signed up showing your interest, an email will be sent to you prior to the meeting. It will show the link you need to click to join the meeting.

More information can be found here

To register your interest, please sign up here

25/11/2021 Scot Gov: Avian 'flu. New legislation..... - Link here

The new housing measures [for birds], which will come into force on Monday 29 November, mean that it will be a legal requirement for all bird keepers across the UK to keep their birds indoors and to follow strict biosecurity measures in order to limit the spread of and eradicate the disease.

Click the link for full retails

24/11/2021 Argyll and Bute Health and Social Care Partnership: Community Consultation - Link here

Argyll and Bute Health and Social Care Partnership is delighted to be holding its first ever digital online community consultation on our next three year Strategic Plan.  This Plan outlines the HSCP's vision and values and details how health and social care resources are governed, allocated and operationally managed.

We really want to hear from our local communities and empower the people of Argyll and Bute to have their own voices heard, their experiences valued and to tell us what they would like included in the Plan.

We have arranged an online webinar event for the 25 November at 3pm-4pm which will be led by Fiona Davies (Interim Chief Officer) and Caroline Cherry (Head of Adult Services, Older Adults and Community Hospitals). This will include a short presentation and also an opportunity for the public to ask questions and suggest ideas.

If you cannot make the webinar, it will be available up to the 9th December for viewing and comments and questions can still be posted
online via 'Slido' digital community listening tool. We also have an online community consultation survey for more detailed feedback.

To access all the links  click

Please see the poster attached for further details and if you would like to request a print-ready version of the poster, please contact Emma @ for a high resolution version.

Kind Regards,
Kristin Gillies Senior Service Planning Manager
Alison Ryan Service Planning Manager
Many Thanks
Emma Mason
Planning Department Secretary
Campbeltown Hospital
Ralston Road
PA28 6LE