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12/06/2022 Scottish Ambulance Service: Air Ambulance Re-procurement Project -

The Scottish Ambulance Service (SAS) is undertaking a consultation and engagement exercise as part of the re-procurement of the national air ambulance service for Scotland.

 SAS provides the air ambulance service to mainland Scotland and its islands. It is the only wholly publicly funded air ambulance service in the United Kingdom and is an invaluable resource to the Scottish public.

The aircraft used by the Air Ambulance Service are owned and operated by a private company on a contractual basis and the current contract is due to expire. To support the development of a new air ambulance contract, a project team has been established and an important task for the team is to consult with all stakeholders. Following the consultation exercise, the formal process of selecting a provider for the new air ambulance contract will be taken forward.

 We want to ensure we gather opinions from everyone with a view on this important element of the Service before arrangements are renewed.

 We are looking to arrange focus groups on MS Teams with members of the public and ask for slots on the agenda of existing meetings in August 2022.

 If you would be interested in attending, and/or work with a group we can attend, then please email us on:

 Please do not hesitate to contact me if you have any further queries:

 Kind Regards,
 Chris Purnell

10/06/2022 CCC: Notice of AGM & agenda - Link here



Argyll and Bute Health and Social Care Partnership (HSCP) is delighted to be launching our new Joint Strategic Plan for the next three years.
Over the last year, we have engaged with our partners, stakeholders, staff and the people of Argyll and Bute to share their ideas and questions which have shaped and informed our strategic objectives and priorities.

Our plan sets our strategic direction for the next three years, our priorities and commissioning intentions, our strategic objectives, how we will get there, what we will spend and how we will monitor and measure as we work towards our vision to support people in Argyll and Bute to lead long, healthy, independent lives.

The plan is aspirational and ambitious and has four key elements which will inform everything that we do:

  • Prevention, Early Intervention and Enablement
  • Choice and Control and Innovation
  • Living Well and Active Citizenship 
  • Community Co-production (working with communities to produce local community services)

Fiona Davies, Chief Officer of Argyll and Bute HSCP, said:

“I would like to thank everyone who took the time to take part in our recent consultation on the development of our new Strategic Plan for 2022-25. The Plan is extremely detailed and sets out our strategic direction for the next 3 years which is to be ambitious, values based and aspirational around what we can achieve and to support the remobilisation of services following the impact that the pandemic has had on our services, workforce and society as a whole.
Being a remote and rural HSCP brings with it a lot of opportunities for working and also leisure activities but at the same time there are challenges in delivering health and social care services across such a large geographic area.  With the recent rise in the use of technology, and the increase in local community based practices, we have the opportunity to share and spread and learn, develop the way we deliver services, preparing us for the future.
We have developed four new priorities for this Strategic Plan and we have set out our intentions on how all of our services and processes, will be delivered.
We want to continue the conversation with everyone in Argyll and Bute on how we can transform services, how we empower people to have their voices heard, their experiences valued and to hear collective evidence on how we are keeping to our objectives and priorities.” 

10/05/2022 CCC: Agenda for next Ordinary Meeting, 19nd May - Link here

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28/04/2022 Tiree CC: ARGYLL & BUTE COUNCIL ELECTION 2022 - Zoom link for Tiree Hustings -


Tiree Community Council have kindly sent CCC an invitation for anyone on Coll to join their election hustings :

** Zoom link for Tiree Hustings ***

Please follow the link below to join in with Tiree's hustings. 

We will be starting at 7pm on Friday the 29th of April.  

As usual, please remain muted until you wish to speak, and always through the chair, as this helps the call run smoothly. 


Good morning Kirsty,

Thank you for your email.

With reference to your request for the questions in a document format, please find attached the community organisation questions for the PSO Consultation.  Please accept my apologies that this is not available in an editable format, a PDF is the only option to export the questions from the online SurveyMonkey survey portal.  For your information, I have also attached a copy of the individual and business questions.

In relation to the timescale, experience of other community surveys has shown that 3 weeks is considered sufficient to enable the vast majority of residents and organisations to respond and that very few responses are received after 3 weeks when surveys are open for longer. However, if Coll Community Council require additional time to submit a response to the consultation I would be pleased to update the survey results to include Coll Community Council’s response once received.  For avoidance of doubt, we will provide an initial set of results from the consultation to potential tenderers for the air service following the consultation deadline but, as you’ve highlighted that the response timescale is likely to be a problem for Coll Community Council, I will update the results following receipt of Coll Community Council’s response to provide a v2 of the results.

As you will see from the questionnaire, the survey focusses on use of the PSO Air Service and its importance to the community.  The purpose of the survey is to enable potential tenderers for the future PSO Air Service to understand the importance of the PSO Air Service, how it is used and aspirations for future use.  This will assist potential tenderers to identify how bests to serve residents, community and business needs and aspirations when designing their service offer as part of their tender submission.

I trust the above clarifies the purpose of the consultation and will assist Coll Community Council to provide a response.


Colin Young
Strategic Transportation Delivery Officer
Argyll and Bute Council
The Helensburgh and Lomond Civic Centre
38 East Clyde Street
G84 7PG

Whitegates Road
PA31 8SY

Tel: 01546 604275

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