Date of next meeting:
19 May 2022, 19:00hrs
Register to attend online

18/11/2021 A&BC: Loch an Duin - Cyanobacteria algae alert -

HI Julian,

I have been notified of an incidence of Blue Green Algae on the North East edge of Loch Duin on Coll, I am sure you will already be aware but wanted to let the Community Council know in case they are able to post any notices to warn people as appropriate. It is relatively late in the season for the blooms however he warm temperatures appear to have led to later than usual occurrences according to SEPA who monitor these blooms and notify ourselves as appropriate.

If you need more information please let me know, in addition the following is a good source of information and also allows users to log
potential  sightings

Bloomin' Algae | UK Centre for Ecology & Hydrology (

Kind regards

Jacqui Middleton

EHO - Public Health and Housing
Argyll and Bute Council
PA31 8RT

16/11/2021 NHS Highland: FREE - Cognitive Behaviour Apps -

Please see below latest Press Release -
 Free Sleepio & Daylight Cognitive Behaviour Apps available to everyone

Argyll and Bute Health and Social Care Partnership (HSCP) is pleased to announce free access to Sleepio and Daylight,staff%20returning%20to%20the%20workforce
Cognitive Therapy Behaviour Apps for all NHS staff and members of the public.

THE HSCP recognise that anxiety and poor sleep are long standing problems for many people,  it is important to look after your own mental health and wellbeing.  People struggling with poor sleep, insomnia or anxiety are being encouraged to take advantage of the online CBT programmes. Both programmes are available to compliment other digital cognitive behaviour therapies (CBT) available and provided free in Argyll and Bute.

Sleepio and Daylight Apps are NHS accredited programmes provided by company Big Health, co-founded by Oxford University sleep expert Professor Colin Espie. The online resources allow people to access CBT therapies in the comfort of their own home and time.

Nicola Gilliespie, Head of Mental health Service said: “We are really pleased to be adding Sleepio and Daylight to our programme of digital therapies.

“Difficulties with sleep and anxiety can have a negative impact on many aspects of peoples health and wellbeing. The programmes are early intervention programmes to help teach people to learn and develop self-management coping skills, to help prevent the symptoms from getting worse, and the need for professional services.

Accessing support through Daylight or Sleepio for Wellbeing click here,staffreturningtotheworkforce 
 Elaine Booth

 Argyll and Bute Health and Social Care Partnership

 Communications Officer
 Victoria Integrated Care Centre
 T. 07973740014

 For out-of-hours press enquiries please contact the Raigmore
switchboard on 01463 704000 and ask for the duty communications manager 

16/11/2021 SSEN: Sub-sea cable replacement, Mull to Coll -

Dear Sir/Madam,


00009500 - Scottish Hydro Electric Power Distribution plc - Cable Replacement - Port Langamull, Mull to Sorisdale Bay, Coll

The Licensing Officer for this case is David Hutchison

A marine licence has been requested under the above Act to deposit a cable between Mull and Coll at a location below the level of Mean High Water Springs.  Licence application details 00009500 - Cable Replacement - Port Langamull, Mull to Sorisdale Bay, Coll - Marine Licence | Marine Scotland Information

Should you have any comments on these proposals, I would be grateful if they could be forwarded to me in an electronic format
( or as a hard copy within 21 days of the date of this email.

If you require an extension to the consultation period, please inform me in writing as soon as possible and within 21 days of this email.

If an extension request or a written reply to this consultation is not received within 21 days, it will be assumed that you are content with
the proposals.

Any licence that is subsequently issued for the proposed works will be made available on Marine Scotland Information at the address above.

Kind regards,


David Hutchison
Marine Licensing Casework Officer

Marine Scotland - Marine Planning & Policy

Scottish Government | Marine Scotland | 375 Victoria Road | Aberdeen |
AB11 9DB


08/11/2021 NHS Highland: COVID - Update for key stakeholders - Link here

06/11/2021 CCC: Diagram of outfall extension to Ariangour sewage - Link here

26/10/2021 CCC: Islands Bond - CCC response - Link here

23/10/2021 Scot Gov: Local Government, Housing and Planning Committee Survey on forthcoming Short-term lets regulations:- - Link here

Please see link above for latest information on short term lets regulations with a final date for  consultation being 29th October 2021.

14/10/2021 Scottish Water: LISTENING TO OUR CUSTOMERS -

Dear Stakeholder,

Our water and waste water services support daily life for millions of
people across Scotland.

We want to listen to your views on our service, update you on our
performance and share our plans for the future.

Our Annual Consultative Meeting will be hosted online by our Chair, Dame
Susan Rice, DBE and Chief Executive, Douglas Millican.

Customers can register to receive a unique login and view this year's

If you would like to ask our Senior Leadership Team a question, visit
our digital platform and complete the online form available no later
than Wednesday 20 October.

We will respond direct to all questions after this date and post key
themes on our website.

If you do not have access to our website, call our Customer Helpline on
0800 0778778 for assistance with an alternative format.

SW Public

 Scottish Water


06/10/2021 CCC: Ferries Community Board announcement - Link here

06/10/2021 A & BC: Conservation Volunteers & OVO Energy offering free trees -

Good morning Community Councils, I am forwarding an email from The
Conservation Volunteers & OVO Energy offering free trees. Further
details can be found in the email below,

All the best for now,


Marina Curran-Colthart,

Local Biodiversity Officer,

Argyll and Bute Council,

Minicipal Buildings,

Albany Street,


PA34 4AW

FROM: The Conservation Volunteers & OVO Energy <>
 SENT: 10 September 2021 15:00
 TO: Curran-Colthart, Marina <>
 SUBJECT: TOGETHER we will plant over 2 MILLION TREES! ?


 We CAN make a difference.

 Together we continue to smash our tree planting targets for climate,
wildlife and communities.

 But we have only just begun. This year we are going further than ever
 2 MILLION TREES in the ground by the end of this tree planting season!


PLANTING BY NUMBERS – what we’ve all achieved so far...

 OVO Energy [3] members with carbon-cutting upgrades have pledged
another 600,000 carbon-busting trees for local green spaces – the most
trees pledged to date.

 Trees. They’re not just nice to look at. These wooden wonders
literally eat carbon out of the air, improving the air we breathe and
enhancing our local community green spaces for the benefit of people and
wildlife alike – that’s why we looove them!



 None of our fantastic achievements could happen without the help of YOU
- wonderful volunteers and communities coming together to make a real

 We have updated our webpage [5] with further insights as to where the
planting is happening and, as always, we'll endeavour to share your
fantastic events across our social media channels - just be sure to tag
us in your posts and use the #IDigTrees [6] hashtag!

Twitter [7] | Facebook [8] | Instagram [9] | LinkedIn [10]




 I Dig Trees with OVO Energy is now in its seventh year. This fantastic
partnership programme goes from strength to strength and is a great
opportunity for any community group or volunteer to join in, feel good
and make a real difference.

 As the old proverb goes, “The best time to plant a tree was 20 years
ago. The second-best time is now.”

 For climate. For wildlife. For communities – I Dig Trees [14]!

Best wishes,

 TCV Senior Corporate Administrator 

28/09/2021 A & BC: Register of Electors - Link here

27/09/2021 Lord-Lieutenant of Argyll and Bute: Platinum Jubilee of Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II -

Dear Argyll and Bute Community Councils,

You may already be aware of the various initiatives planned to commemorate the Platinum Jubilee of Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II.
Communities and organisations across the area are getting involved in these projects and the Lord-Lieutenant of Argyll and Bute, Mrs Jane MacLeod, would be delighted to hear about any activities that your community council may be considering or planning.

Below is some information about two of the Platinum Jubilee commemoration initiatives that may be of particular interest here in Argyll and Bute.

Queen’s Green Canopy – Plant a Tree for the Jubilee
The Queen’s Green Canopy (QGC) is encouraging people, local groups, private companies and public organisations across the whole of the UK to get involved in ‘planting a tree for the Jubilee’.

The aim is to start planting trees during the planting season, October 2021 to March 2022. From October, all planting projects can be uploaded to an interactive, nationwide QGC map. Trees planted (whether individual or as part of wider woodlands) will, together, create a sustainable legacy for future generations, marking the Queen’s 70-year reign and service, as well as contributing to tackling climate change.  

You can find out more and sign up online at The Queen’s Green Canopy (  - please remember to let the Lieutenancy know about your plans!

Queen’s Platinum Jubilee Beacons, Jubilee Weekend, 2nd to 5th June 2022
Some of you may well have organised commemorative beacons in previous years and will be well acquainted with the concept of a nationwide chain of beacons across the country. For the Platinum Jubilee, it is hoped that this will be a particularly popular and dramatic countrywide commemoration and for the first time there will also be beacons in each of the capital cities of the Commonwealth, joining those which will be lit in a wide range of locations across the UK, Channel Islands, Isle of Man and UK Overseas Territories.

There are different types of beacons which can be used for this exciting commemoration project and local groups and organisations are encouraged to get involved. Here too there will be an interactive list as more and more communities sign up between now and Platinum Jubilee Weekend 2022.
If you are interested in organising a Platinum Jubilee Beacon in your community, please visit Queen’s+Platinum+Jubilee+Beacons+Guide+2021+08+09.pdf ( in the first instance for more information and to find out how to sign up. Again, please do let the Lord-Lieutenant know if you are hosting a beacon in your local area.

We do hope that you are able to consider some kind of commemoration in your local community – both projects offer opportunities for a wide range of people and organisations to get involved and to add vibrancy to community life.

If you are aware of any other local people or organisations who may be interested, please do let us know, or feel free to pass this information to them, again with the encouragement to keep in touch with the Lord-Lieutenant about their plans.

To highlight your activity to the Lord-Lieutenant, please contact in the first instance – and any photographs of your endeavours are also always welcome.

With thanks for your kind attention, and best regards,  On behalf of the Lord-Lieutenant of Argyll and Bute, Mrs Jane MacLeod

25/09/2021 CCC: CCC by-election -

Early Notice of a Coll Community Council by-election

Over the past three years, changes in several Community Council members personal circumstances has led to enough vacancies to trigger a by-election.

In general, a person is entitled to stand for election provided he or she has achieved 16 years of age on the day of election and is a Coll resident. The person must also have his or her name in the Coll electoral register for local government elections.

Pending a definite date for the beginning of the by-election process, we would urge every eligible resident to consider standing as a Community Councillor.

24/09/2021 A & BC: Energy Efficiency - Grants for improvements - Link here

14/09/2021 CCC: Survey response to the Local Government, Housing and Planning Committee of the Scottish Parliament - Link here

07/09/2021 CalMac: Ferry redeployment -

Good Morning,

I am pleased to advise that the Clansman will return to Argyll waters
this week, and will resume full timetabled activities once more from
Thursday AM. This follows the successful completion of the unscheduled
dry dock visit of the MV Hebrides, which was accomplished a little
earlier than anticipated.

Until tomorrow evening, we will continue with the adjusted network plans
which have been previously published.

The temporary absence of the Clansman, even with the LOTI being
redeployed to us, has caused impact to a number of communities and
customers, and I would like to extend my apologies for this, together
with my thanks for your support. Your understanding of the situation,
and indeed to that of our ports teams who have worked continually to
minimise these impacts, is particularly appreciated.

With kind regards,



Area Operations Manager - Argyll & Lochaber

CalMac Ferries Ltd

06/09/2021 Scottish Water: Delay to planned work on outfall extension -

Proposed work on outfall at Arinagour Pier




Quarterly Board Meeting 3 Sept, 2021
informal notes by K MacFarlane (in attendance)

* These notes are not “official” and any mistakes are my responsibility.*



  • the Minister for Transport (Graeme Dey) has been visiting various islands – following this meeting, Donnie MacInnes and I have issued him an invitation to come to Coll/Tiree
  • the Islands Connectivity Plan is going out to public consultation soon; it will contain options for the successor scheme to the Ferries Plan 2013 which expires in Dec 2022
  • the next plan will be more complex and will encompass socio-economic issues as well as straight costs
  • very important time for us all to get involved in consultations


  •  Islay will get at least 1 new ship (since this meeting, it has been announced that 2 will be built for Islay) by 2024 (ish?)
  • Mallaig-Lochboisdale will get a new vessel by 2025 followed by :
  • Oban-Craignure / Ardrossan-Brodick
  • Barra-Oban
  •  Coll/Tiree/Colonsay
  • the Heb Isles/Isle of Arran/LOTI are already travelling under certain MCA restrictions
  • no further update on when new ferries will be ready – Glen Sannox by July/Sept 2022 & Hull 802 mid 2023?


  • drydocking arrangements will begin earlier this year hopefully to reduce the impact of  delays and knock-on effects during the winter period
  • hoping to announce the School Bus Discount Scheme very soon with TS and the FCB (since this meeting, it was confirmed on 16 Sept)
  • CalMac have maintained an active cadet and apprentices recruitment programme, together with an active schools visiting programme
  • aware of calls for prioritising space on ferries – be aware there is a real mix of views but they will be looking at pricing structures


  • the Board aims to be more independent of the ferries contractor and there was discussion about having an independent website
  • agreed to the formation of a new subgroup, “Service Improvements and Information Gathering” and I have joined this

Next Quarterly Board Meeting : 3rd December, 2021


(07967) 387021

28/08/2021 CalMac: Ferry redeployment -

Good Morning,

As a result of a technical issue with the MV Hebrides, the vessel is
required to move from its Hebrides operating area to dry dock, for a
period of approximately one week, from next Tuesday morning. As a
consequence, it is necessary to undertake a range of vessel
re-deployments to ensure service across the wider network, however this
will unfortunately see a range of service cancellations on outer
Hebrides routes, and they are now being published.

This programme of vessel re-deployments includes seeing a need to
temporarily relocate the MV Clansman from our Argyll operating area from
early next week, with the MV Lord of The Isles moving to an Oban
operating base from next Monday afternoon. This vessel, in conjunction
with the MV Isle of Mull, will undertake Craignure services, as well as
services to Coll, Tiree and Colonsay.

There are no service cancellations envisaged on any Argyll routes as a
result of this swap-over. Argyll timetables will remain as published. To
further minimise any impacts, actual deployment of these vessels on
these routes will be determined based on expected route demand and
bookings, and on a rolling basis. Consequently all ports will see a
combination of visits from either vessel.

With the 'LOTI and the 'Mull not possessing like-for-like lift capacity,
nor that of the 'Clansman, should any customers be affected by any
capacity issues, they will be directly contacted and offered alternative
sailings should that be required.

I will keep you posted on any key developments, including when we can
firmly anticipate the return of the 'Clansman to the Argyll area.

With kind regards,



Area Operations Manager - Argyll & Lochaber

CalMac Ferries Ltd

26/08/2021 Scottish Water: Proposed work on outfall at Arinagour Pier -

Good afternoon,

I'm getting in touch to make you aware of some forthcoming Scottish Water works for the Isle of Coll.

A £57,000 investment project to extend the existing outfall at Arinagour Pier is set to begin at the beginning of September (exact date
TBC) and will help improve the marine environment by taking effluent into deeper and faster flowing waters.

Corrie Construction will be carrying out the work on behalf of Scottish Water at the lowest tides in September and October (work will take place for 1 week during each month). A marine licence has been secured.

While we anticipate this project having very little impact on customers due to the location and timing of the work, there will be some localised construction traffic and noise. We will do all we can to keep any disruption to a minimum.

Please don't hesitate to contact me if you have any questions about this work.

Many thanks and best wishes,


Laura Boyce
 Scottish Water
 Buchanan Gate Business Park,

Cumbernauld Road, Stepps,


G33 6FB

21/08/2021 NHS Highland: Caution as Covid cases rise - Link here

15/08/2021 Private communication: Long-term accommodation wanted -

 Dear Secretary,

 I wonder if you would be able to help (or know someone who could)?

 My name is Peter Rivers and for the last year, myself, my wife and our
five-year-old daughter, have been living on Muck. We have really loved
living here and feel we have adapted well to island life, however; our
temporary accommodation is about to come to an end and there is no
immediate possibility of long-term accommodation becoming available any
time soon. So, I was wondering what the situation is on Coll with
regards to long-term property rentals?

 Do you know of anything to rent, or know anyone we could get in touch
with? Any help would be greatly appreciated as we are really keen to
stay in the Inner Hebrides if at all possible.

 Yours sincerely

 Peter Rivers

04/08/2021 Scot Gov: Development of the Islands Bond - View Scot Gov document here

Population decline is a real threat to the sustainability of many, although not all, of Scotland’s island communities. During the consultation for the National Islands Plan, depopulation was the top priority issue identified by respondents...........

Please read more in the link above

28/07/2021 CCC: Meeting with J Minto, MSP - Link here

19/07/2021 CCC: Letter to A Campbell re. Calmac ferry issues - Link here

09/07/2021 CCC: Minutes of Meeting with CalMac 4.7.21 - Link here

05/07/2021 CCC: Meeting with CALMAC - Link here

05/07/2021 A&BC: Risk assessments and sampling work -

Dear Jaqui,
Thank you very much for continuing to be supportive of our Coll Private Water Supplies Working Group and thank you for your helpful email of the 18th June.
There hasn't been much movement since the last meeting as everyone is busy-all short term lets are now fully booked for the summer and the moorings for yachts are currently fully occupied each evening.
Kathie Griffiths, a senior reporter at The Oban Tims featured our predicament recently and I am pleased to attach the article and associated editorial for you to peruse.
Kind regard,


Classification: OFFICIAL

Thanks Julian,

As an aside we are visiting Coll on 21st July to do some risk assessment and sampling work, so if any residents would like to discuss their water supplies or potential for grant assistance for improvements then feel free to pass on my details and we will try to arrange a visit to them if they wish.

Thanks again (ps the article got one thing wrong in that the grant is not means tested - only if the individual wishes to apply for additional monies is it means tested for the additional part)

Jacqui Middleton
EHO – Public Heath and Housing
Argyll and Bute Council
PA31 8RT 

02/07/2021 Jenni Minto MSP: Visit to Coll - Link here

Good afternoon

I hope you are well. I just wanted to let you know that Jenni is going
to be visiting Coll on the morning of Thursday 22nd July. She hopes to
hold an advice surgery, provisionally at An Cridhe, I will likely book
from 0945-1130 as we will be restricted on travelling much further as we
are returning to Oban on the 1230 ferry. We would be grateful if you can
let the community know so they can book meeting appointments with us and
we are open to any suggestions of visits near An Cridhe to discuss any
local concerns.

We look forward to hearing from you.

Kind regards


Heather Wolfe | Parliamentary Assistant to Jenni Minto MSP
 M3.06, The Scottish Parliament, Edinburgh, EH99 1SP
 Telephone: 0131 348 5106 Mobile: 07917 512080 [1]

26/06/2021 A&BC: Registration of Defibrillators - Link here

To goto the link in the image in the link, please click here:

26/06/2021 Scot Gov: Island Communities Fund 2021/2022 (ICF) - Link here

26/06/2021 Scot Gov: Register of Electors Annual Canvass - Link here

21/06/2021 CCC: Plans for an extension to the existing Septic Tank outfall in the village. - Link here

14/06/2021 Dot Surveying Ltd: The Base station works rescheduled to take place either July or August 2021 - Link here

09/06/2021 Calmac Community Board:: Community Board Recruitment - Link here

Community voices sought for the West Coast Ferry Board....

22/05/2021 Calmac Community Board: Failure of island services - Link here

06/05/2021 CCC: Fire on 30th April 2021 -


Coll Community Council offers heartfelt thanks to the community firefighters and their Mull colleagues who strove under such difficult circumstances for so many hours to protect lives, property, animals and land from the destruction threatened by the spread of fire in and around Arinagour.

Thanks also to the Mull Lifeboat for transporting the Mull firefighters and waiting at Coll.

The Community Council also offers sincere thanks to everyone else who helped, supporting those friends and neighbours who were put at risk by the crisis

04/05/2021 CalMac (email from CalMac): Turn Up & Go -


As we commence the Summer season, and whilst social distancing continues to impact the number of passengers we can carry, we will again protect some passenger spaces on all sailings from Coll and Tiree to the mainland and vice versa. These “Turn Up and Go” spaces will not be available for advance purchase, and are aimed at aiding those who may require short notice and on-the-day travel.

We will start the season with enabling 4 such passenger spaces on every sailing, which will be released on the day of travel. This figure will be monitored and reviewed as necessary, and CalMac will be urging all travellers to book in advance, including through posts on its social media platforms.

As with last year, it would be immensely beneficial if it was possible for the message to book in advance (and indeed as early as possible) to be shared amongst the community.

19/04/2021 Argyll Community Lottery: TCDT Island Agents for Third Sector Interface - Link here

15/04/2021 Marine Scotland: Marine Licence Application- Outfall Extension - Arinagour Pier, Isle of Coll - Link here

26/03/2021 CCC response: Easing Covid-19 restrictions - Islands Consultation – March - Link here

25/03/2021 Scot. Government: CalMac Response - Link here

22/03/2021 SCOTTISH GOVERNMENT ISLANDS TEAM: Easing COVID-19 restrictions - Community Survey: -

Survey Closed

22/03/2021 SSE: Invitation Mull - Coll Online Consultation Event -


Good morning,

Scottish and Southern Electricity Networks (SSEN) Distribution is hosting an online consultation event on the planned replacement of the 11kV submarine electricity cable which runs between Mull and Coll.

As part of that development, the project team is looking to engage with local customers, communities and stakeholders to seek their views as they finalise the details and prepare the necessary applications process.

A representative from our RIIO-ED2 team will also be present to capture views on our 2023 to 2028 investment programme.

In order to gather opinions and answer any questions, the Submarine Cable team will be holding a series of four, 50-minute long, online engagement events. The sessions will be held between the following times:



Should you be interested in participating, then please register by emailing

05/03/2021 A & BC: Cliad Bridge Replacement - Community Update [OFFICIAL] -

Dear All,

The replacement of Cliad Bridge on the Isle of Coll has now been re-tendered. We have awarded the contract for site works to start on Monday 22 March 2021.

We expect the public road to remain fully open to vehicles, pedestrians and other road users at all times during the works. A temporary bridge will be installed to allow vehicles to continue along the B8071. Once a programme for the works has been accepted I shall forward it to this group in a suitable format.

The Principal Contractor, D MacDougall Contractors Ltd, will carry out the works.

The key dates we currently have for this retendered scheme are:

  • Site Start Date: 22/03/2021
  • Site Completion Date: 22/07/2021

However, these could change and we will update you if required.

There are specific engineering requirements around roads structures and the statement below provides background on how they are designed:

_The works are designed in accordance with Codes of Practice for vehicular loading; and must also comply with SEPA requirements. Extensive consultations have been undertaken to provide a Best Value engineering scheme. Best Value is achieved by considering a number of factors which include; nature of the ground, access to the island, catchment area, watercourse alignment, available materials, existing levels, temporary diversion for road users whilst complying with SEPA requirements, other stakeholder requirements, COVID legislation and current Codes of Practice._

If anyone wishes to be added to the distribution list for future Cliad Bridge updates, please let me know at

Kind Regards,
Graduate Engineer
Argyll and Bute Council
01546 604 429
07500 572 915

04/03/2021 CalMac: Summer 2021 Transition - Calmac Community Board

01/03/2021 CCC: CCC Response to A&BC Future of Cemeteries in Argyll and Bute - Link here

25/02/2021 CCC: CCC Submission to CalMac Community Board - Link here

15/02/2021 CCC: Response to LGBCS Consulation - Link here

14/02/2021 CCC: LGBCS Consultation: Survey methodology - Link here

05/02/2021 A & BC: Future of Cemeteries in Argyll and Bute - Consultations - Link here

Argyll and Bute Council is considering the best way to manage cemeteries in the coming years and would like to hear your views. We have identified various options and would like to find out what our communities think before developing plans for the longer term.
We would be grateful if you could give your thoughts through the consultation.

We would very much appreciate hearing from you by Friday 26 February 2021.
If you would like any further information, please contact  Hugh O’Neill at hugh.o’

16/01/2021 : email to Kevin.Stewart.msp@parliament.sco -

Scottish Government Short Term Lets Consultation September 2020.

Dear Mr Stewart,

Unlike the areas studied in the context of the 2019 consultation, Coll lies in a remote island location with a small population of about 170. The island has very little infrastructure, is predominantly rural and here is sparse economic activity with few job opportunities. The island is classified as a very remote rural location according to the Scottish Government eight-fold Urban Rural Classification.

In this context the purpose of The Islands (Scotland) Bill, as passed, is to ensure the impact of Scotland-wide policies and legislation is understood in relation to island communities. Coll Community Council would like to see specific evidence of this within the proposals resulting from the current consultation.

A more specific matter has been raised by our Development Trust, Development Coll, which operates a 5-star bunkhouse on the same site as the island's community hall. The question is whether or not bunkhouses and hostels should be added to the list of exclusions in the 2019 consultation paper and particularly those which feature in the Scottish Independent Hostels Guide.

It would have been better if Coll Community Council had been informed about the two consultations by the Scottish Government in a timeous fashion rather than by concerned parties as late as Thursday 8th October 2020, the deadline for the consultation being 16th October 2020. The most efficient way to communicate with us is through the Governance Office at Argyll and Bute Council.

Yours sincerely

Julian Senior
Hon Secretary
Coll Community Council

Reply: Reply from Mr Stewart

13/01/2021 Coll Medical Practice: COVID-19 on Coll - latest advice - Link here

18/12/2020 CCC: Update on Oban and the Isles Air Services - Link here

18/12/2020 CCC: Update on Oban and the Isles Air Services - Link here

18/12/2020 CCC: Update on Oban and the Isles Air Services - Update

12/12/2020 Argyll & Bute Council: The replacement of Cliad Bridge -

The replacement of Cliad Bridge on the Isle of Coll is programmed to start site works on Thursday 12th November 2020, with site works programmed to be completed by late December / early January. The public road is expected to be fully open to vehicles, pedestrians and other road users at all times during the works, with a temporary bridge being installed to allow vehicles to continue along the B8071. I attach the full Programme for the works; this, along with all dates are subject to change as the project progresses - I shall forward revised Programmes as the Contractor provides them. The Principal Contractor, Beaver Bridges, will carry out the majority of the works to replace the structure.

Scheldule of works

03/12/2020 Local Government Boundary Commission for Scotland: 2019 Review of Electoral Arrangements: Argyll and Bute, High -

30/10/2020 ALLIANCE SCOTLAND: Health & social care -

20/10/2020 Scottish Gov: Island Communities Impact Assessment (ICIA) - Link here

13/10/2020 Argyll & Bute Council: Budget challenge for 2021 - 2022 - Link here

08/10/2020 CCC: Calmac Winter relief vessel - Copy of letter from Barra MSP

22/09/2020 Argyll & Bute Council: General Maintenance Term Contracts – Tiree & Coll - Link here

15/09/2020 Argyll Live: Community Library Update - LineBooks, eAudiobooks & Borrowbox

13/09/2020 HM Fire Inspectorate: PROPOSED INSPECTION IN ARGYLL & BUTE - Link here

03/08/2020 Argyll & Bute Council: Cliad Bridge Closure - TEMPORARY PROHIBITION OF TRAFFIC: ORDER 2020

03/07/2020 A & BC: Promoting the use of Face Masks - Promoting the use of Face Masks

25/06/2020 A & BC: Emotional Support - Caring for People Helpline now offers Emotional Suport

23/06/2020 Tiree Community Council: Letter to Michael Matheron MSP re. Ferries - Link here

23/06/2020 A & BC: Caring for people during the Covid-19 outbreak - Caring during Covid-19

22/06/2020 CCC: CalMac user Group Response - Response to CalMac June 20

21/06/2020 CCC: Covid-19 Island Resilience - Covid-19 - Island Resilience

03/03/2020 A & BC: Reference to Lockdown - Private Water Supplies

03/03/2020 Argyll & Bute Council: Private Water Supplies & water supplies on Coll - Link here

00/11/2019 Argyll & Bute Council: Introduction to Private Water Supplies - Link here