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03/05/2022 CCC: Calmac Booking Survey - Make known your preference -

Survey on CalMac’s booking system
Coll Community Council Transport Subcommittee

A survey for Coll's permanent residents.

CalMac is struggling to deliver a lifeline service that answers our needs. The remedy is for the Scottish Government to buy, build or lease a number of ferries and deploy them as soon as possible. But every indication is that this will not happen in the near future.

To try and help our current situation, we want to look at what options exist and which ones are most likely to improve matters in the short term.

  • Survey forms are available at The Post Office, Coll Stores & Coll Hotel.
    Secure ballot boxes are located here too.
  • Or download and print the survey HERE
  • Or, complete the survey online

Deadline : 15th May, 2022

21/04/2022 Calmac: Calmac confirms new booking system - Link here

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31/12/2021 Calmac: Calmac Essential Services timetable, 3rd-23rd Jan - Link here to view CCC notice

Calmac Essential Services timetable, 3rd-23rd Jan.

The recent rapid spread of Covid19 has resulted in many absences within our crew and port teams.
As a result, and to give our customers a greater degree of certainty, we will operate an Essential Services Temporary Timetable on this route from 3 January 2022.

Read full update here -|- Please see here for timetable changes

28/12/2021 Calmac: Re: Clansman & COVID - Link here to view notice

28/12/2021 Calmac: Calmac on-board catering update - Link here to view notice

16/12/2021 CCC: Ferries Community Board Meetings - Link here to view notice

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