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31/12/2021 Calmac: Calmac Essential Services timetable, 3rd-23rd Jan - Link here to view CCC notice

Calmac Essential Services timetable, 3rd-23rd Jan.

The recent rapid spread of Covid19 has resulted in many absences within our crew and port teams.
As a result, and to give our customers a greater degree of certainty, we will operate an Essential Services Temporary Timetable on this route from 3 January 2022.

Read full update here -|- Please see here for timetable changes

28/12/2021 Calmac: Re: Clansman & COVID - Link here to view notice

28/12/2021 Calmac: Calmac on-board catering update - Link here to view notice

16/12/2021 CCC: Ferries Community Board Meetings - Link here to view notice

03/12/2021 CCC: Ferries Community Board - Link here

30/11/2021 CCC: Ferries Community Board - Link here

06/10/2021 CCC: Ferries Community Board announcement - Link here

07/09/2021 CalMac: Ferry redeployment -

Good Morning,

I am pleased to advise that the Clansman will return to Argyll waters
this week, and will resume full timetabled activities once more from
Thursday AM. This follows the successful completion of the unscheduled
dry dock visit of the MV Hebrides, which was accomplished a little
earlier than anticipated.

Until tomorrow evening, we will continue with the adjusted network plans
which have been previously published.

The temporary absence of the Clansman, even with the LOTI being
redeployed to us, has caused impact to a number of communities and
customers, and I would like to extend my apologies for this, together
with my thanks for your support. Your understanding of the situation,
and indeed to that of our ports teams who have worked continually to
minimise these impacts, is particularly appreciated.

With kind regards,



Area Operations Manager - Argyll & Lochaber

CalMac Ferries Ltd


Quarterly Board Meeting 3 Sept, 2021
informal notes by K MacFarlane (in attendance)

* These notes are not “official” and any mistakes are my responsibility.*



  • the Minister for Transport (Graeme Dey) has been visiting various islands – following this meeting, Donnie MacInnes and I have issued him an invitation to come to Coll/Tiree
  • the Islands Connectivity Plan is going out to public consultation soon; it will contain options for the successor scheme to the Ferries Plan 2013 which expires in Dec 2022
  • the next plan will be more complex and will encompass socio-economic issues as well as straight costs
  • very important time for us all to get involved in consultations


  •  Islay will get at least 1 new ship (since this meeting, it has been announced that 2 will be built for Islay) by 2024 (ish?)
  • Mallaig-Lochboisdale will get a new vessel by 2025 followed by :
  • Oban-Craignure / Ardrossan-Brodick
  • Barra-Oban
  •  Coll/Tiree/Colonsay
  • the Heb Isles/Isle of Arran/LOTI are already travelling under certain MCA restrictions
  • no further update on when new ferries will be ready – Glen Sannox by July/Sept 2022 & Hull 802 mid 2023?


  • drydocking arrangements will begin earlier this year hopefully to reduce the impact of  delays and knock-on effects during the winter period
  • hoping to announce the School Bus Discount Scheme very soon with TS and the FCB (since this meeting, it was confirmed on 16 Sept)
  • CalMac have maintained an active cadet and apprentices recruitment programme, together with an active schools visiting programme
  • aware of calls for prioritising space on ferries – be aware there is a real mix of views but they will be looking at pricing structures


  • the Board aims to be more independent of the ferries contractor and there was discussion about having an independent website
  • agreed to the formation of a new subgroup, “Service Improvements and Information Gathering” and I have joined this

Next Quarterly Board Meeting : 3rd December, 2021


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28/08/2021 CalMac: Ferry redeployment -

Good Morning,

As a result of a technical issue with the MV Hebrides, the vessel is
required to move from its Hebrides operating area to dry dock, for a
period of approximately one week, from next Tuesday morning. As a
consequence, it is necessary to undertake a range of vessel
re-deployments to ensure service across the wider network, however this
will unfortunately see a range of service cancellations on outer
Hebrides routes, and they are now being published.

This programme of vessel re-deployments includes seeing a need to
temporarily relocate the MV Clansman from our Argyll operating area from
early next week, with the MV Lord of The Isles moving to an Oban
operating base from next Monday afternoon. This vessel, in conjunction
with the MV Isle of Mull, will undertake Craignure services, as well as
services to Coll, Tiree and Colonsay.

There are no service cancellations envisaged on any Argyll routes as a
result of this swap-over. Argyll timetables will remain as published. To
further minimise any impacts, actual deployment of these vessels on
these routes will be determined based on expected route demand and
bookings, and on a rolling basis. Consequently all ports will see a
combination of visits from either vessel.

With the 'LOTI and the 'Mull not possessing like-for-like lift capacity,
nor that of the 'Clansman, should any customers be affected by any
capacity issues, they will be directly contacted and offered alternative
sailings should that be required.

I will keep you posted on any key developments, including when we can
firmly anticipate the return of the 'Clansman to the Argyll area.

With kind regards,



Area Operations Manager - Argyll & Lochaber

CalMac Ferries Ltd